Tram Electric Inc.

You Call, We Haul.

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Phone: 435-637-7291

Fax: 435-637-4663


24 Hour Emergency Service

Specializing in Three Phase, DC Motor, and Generator Repair.


Centrifugal & Submersible Pump Repair.


New Motor and Pump Sales.


Explosion Proof UL & MSHA Listed and Certified.


Full Complement Mining & Welding Services.


Technical Service Support.


Preventative Maintenance.


Field Service and Repair.


Plant Overhauls.


On-Site Motor Storage Progam.


Dynamometer Load Test.


Computerized Core Loss Testing.


(VPI) Vacuum Pressure Impregnation.


Vibration Analysis.


DC Magnetic Analyzing.


Computerized Dynamic Balancing.


Motor Efficiency Tests.


Surge Comparison Testing.


Computerized Coil Manufacturing.


Winding Design and Analysis.

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