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We would like to introduce you to our Motor Care Program, which includes readily available Service Exchange Motors, SKF Certified Repairs, New and Rebuilt Motor Inventory and New Sales. The program provides an opportunity for you to store your spare motor inventory, freeing up space in your facility, which will reduce your manpower requirements while placing safety awareness and responsibility in our hands. It will help to improve organization and management of your inventory providing you with the peace of mind that your motors are appropriately stored, secured, and maintained, thus increasing the motor reliability and minimizing production downtime.
















This program includes the following benefits:


1) Motors are stored in a clean, secure, and enviornmentally controlled facility, protecting your equipment from the natural elements and preventing damage or harm that could occur otherwise.


2) All motors are tested to prove operational condition and documented in our Motor Storage Database. Some may require repair. After testing, each motor is shrink-wrapped, placed on a storage pallet or skid, and then placed into our storage facility and inventoried with your own unique ID numbers.


3) On a monthly basis, Tram inspects your motor inventory and rotates the shafts one and one-quarter revolutions to preserve bearing integrity. This is also documented in the Motor Storage Database.


4) Monthly reports will be provided showing the current stock status, history of any maintenence, and the exact storage location for each motor.


5) Annually, Tram will perform static as well as other electrical tests as warranted on all motors, again, reducing the man power requirements, safety concerns, and responsibilities for your people.


6) All motors are stored ready for immediate delivery upon request.

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